The Railway LED Lantern Test

The RailCorp lantern

The RailCorp lantern uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) of the type intended for rail and road signaling systems. These comprise the colours red, yellow and green. The intensities used are representative of those that will be seen in use including under adverse conditions. The use of the Railway LED Lantern Test is intended to be consistent with the CIE International Recommendations for Colour Vision Requirements for Transport (CIE Publication 143-2001). The test is carried out at two working distances, 6m and 3m as representative of the task of a driver of a train with a stopping distance of 1.6km and of a station assistant viewing at the distance of the longest platforms in Australia.
The signal colours are shown for two (2) seconds.The RailCorp lantern test

The test should be carried out indoors, temperature range 20 - 25°C. The illuminance shall be of the order of 300 lux. There should be no glare sources, including windows and artificial light sources within about ± 60° of the subjects‟ line of site. The room should be generally neutral in colour without sharp contrasts. The lantern is to be mounted on a stable desk, shelf or tripod (fitting in base has thread size 1/4-20 UNC). Alternatively the unit can be wall mounted via keyhole slots in the rear of the housing. The RailCorp lantern

The Railway LED Lantern Test (RLLT) is based on a simulated practical test that was developed by the University of New South Wales for RailCorp following the publication of the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers (2004). This test, which was initially referred to as the RailCorp Lantern, was accepted by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission as “…a practical test to be applied according to the National Standards” and is directly referred to in the October 2012 revision of the National Standard for Health Assessment for Rail Safety Workers. The Railcorp Lantern (RL) is a simulation of light emitting diode railway signals developed as a practical and consistent test for colour vision deficient workers. For more information refer to The Railcorp Lantern Test paper.

The Railway LED Lantern Test (RLLT) has been developed in conjunction with Railcorp and specified in page 147 of the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers.

RLLT is supplied with:

  • Lantern and 12vdc power supply
  • Instruction Manual
  • Test report form (6 copies)
  • ORLAB Calibration report
  • USB Flash drive with pdf version of test report form
  • Robus carry case

Calibration is required annually and the units should be returned to ART electronics.

Service & Calibration
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